Medicolegal Practice

I have nearly 10 years of experience of medicolegal practice and have given of 75 opinions as expert in matters which have been subject of medicolegal claims. I take instructions from either representatives of the claimant or the defence without preference. I have appeared in court and have prepared joint expert statements. I attend counsel meetings when required. I have provided a number of reports for the MDU and NHS Wales

I have provided 73 expert opinions for the assistance of the courts since 2010 when I started my medicolegal expert practice, Around 13 of which were instructions from the solicitors acting for the defendant in the claim. I accept instructions from defence and claimant. I have appeared as expert in court on one occasion and have been involved in two expert meeting in preparation of a joint expert document for the court. I act as medical expert particularly in the field of endocrine surgery (thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal surgery); all types of hernia surgery particularly inguinal and umbilical; and emergency surgery. In addition I have a special interest in Laparoscopic gastric band surgery. These medicolegal interests reflect the areas of expertise that I practice in the NHS and privately in London.


I read the Medicine and the Law module at Cambridge University during my medical training at that Institution.

I have attended Bond Solon training courses

I have attended Bond Solon expert Witness Conferences.

Areas of expertise:

I accept instructions in the field of general surgery and particularly in the following subspecialities:

Thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal surgery. (I am a central London Endocrine Surgeon and have a very large NHS and private practice in these fields)

Laparoscopic gastric band surgery and complications (I have recently published papers on complication rates of gastric bands and also revisional surgery)

Hernia surgery (especially inguinal hernia surgery and post inguinal surgery pain syndromes and nerve entrapment) NOT hiatus hernias.

Emergency surgery particularly cases which depend on opinions around delay in diagnosis or treatment of appendicitis.

These fields accurately reflect my current clinical practice as a teaching hospital London Consultant Surgeon.

Fees and Terms:

My current rates are £295 per hour for reading the record; preparation of chronology; reflection, preparation and issue of opinion and reports; clarifications and amendments; counsel meetings including travel and joint expert meetings and reports.

My court fees are £3000 per day reduced to £1500 if cancelled less than 2 weeks in advance.

I do not ever accept deferred payment terms and invoices are strictly payable 31 days from issue. Instructions that required deferred payment are always declined.

I will give an indication of times at the instruction although I much prefer not to have a backlog of cases. I will not accept cases that cannot be completed in 4 weeks.